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In the modern world people are surrounded with advertising billboards everywhere. How to make own advertising message to stand out amongst thousands similar billboards at shops and exhibitions, at citylight and shop windows, at stations and airports?!

The "United Technologies" company offers their own facilities in development and production of indoor and outdoor advertising elements, based on lenticular technology. The lenticular images are based on effects of real 3D and animation.

Size – from usual stickers up to 90?120 cm
Thickness – from 0.4 mm on small sizes up to 4 mm

Flip - Two or more different images in one, changing according to the angle of the view.
Real 3D - Image that has true volume and depth. Real objects and computer-generated scenes are used while composing the scene. Objects can be placed in front of the printing surface and behind it also, making feel of depth.
Depth effect - Flat layers are distributed in volume, making the feeling of depth. Such conversion of usual flat images to the 3D gives the new life to old ideas, adding the perspective to them.
Zoom effect - Object is scaled and this looks like it moves closer or farther. This effect falls into category of animation effects.
Movie effect - Two or more images of the same object creating the feel of movement. This effect falls into category of animation effects too.
Morph effect - One image smoothly transforms to another, using consecutive images. It is the third effect in the animation effects group.
Virtual video - A short fragment of a video playbacks on a flat screen according to the angle of the view.
Combined effect - Different effects can be combined in one scene, for example, flipping 3D.

Hardboard supports
Self-adhesive paper lamination
With frame
Frame + passe-partout

Viewing distance:
Indoor applications – from 1 m to 6 m
Outdoors – from 3 m to 15 m
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