Production: 3D animated POS materials

3D animated POS materials

3D for fair

Table 3D-Displays
3D Cards
3D Client Cards
3D Calendars
FrameLight Lightbox
Anaglyph images
Light panels

One of the most effective places for 3D images is the point of sales. Itís not a secret that 80 % of buying decisions are made on the point of sales.

Unique form and unusualness of 3D advertising products help at the points of sales by reminding and refreshing the images of a definite trade mark, which motivates people to purchase the products of this trademark. As a result the volume of sales increases.

Using our 3D products you could fix and enforce your trademark at points of sales.

We would like to offer you the following kinds of POS materials:
Table displays
Shelf talkers for the upper part of stands and shelves
Image and animated 3D pictures
Elements for the companyís exposition

We could either design 3D pictures for you or use your ideas and materials.

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